Swageless Jaw Turnbuckle - II

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Uses of the Swageless Jaw Turnbuckle - II

Originaly used on sailboat. very strong stretching force on long runs.

Can be used in a cable rail assembly with the Swageless Jaw Terminal

Can be fixed in a metal post cable railing project with the stainless steel threaded eyebolt and the stainless steel threaded sleeve.

Can be fixed in a wood post cable railing project with the stainless steel screw eye 

The Swageless Jaw Turnbuckle terminal is ideal for corner projects, especially for stairs cable railing.

The Swageless Jaw Turnbuckle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cable railling projects.


Quick connect – No specialized tools needed (swageless)

Easy to install

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel - No rust, will look perfect for a lifetime

Fits 5/32" or 4mm wire rope cable

For cable tensioning, simply rotate the turnbuckle body

3 parts of hardware: Threaded fork terminal, turnbuckle body, swageless threaded stud with very strong holding force.