Marina Cable Railing System – Timber Post

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Marina cable railing system – Timber post

The Marina cable railing assembly kit is perfect for creating a sleek and contemporary look, for both indoors and outdoors cable railing. This kit suits bettter for shorter runs of wire rope cable. It is also a budget wise option for home staging.



 This kit includes :

2 swage fork terminals

1 stainless steel screw eye

1 stainless steel threaded eyebolt

1 threaded sleeve


The fittings in this assembly kit need to be swaged with a cable crimper or a hand swager tool.

A cable railing should include 7 to 11 runs of cable, depending on the height of the posts. 

The Marina cable railing system is ideal for corner projects, especially for stairs cable railing.

The swage stud turnbuckle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cable railing projects.

The Marina cable railing system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cable railing projects.

When the cable passes through intermediate posts, it is recommended to install protective sleeves.


Installation instructions

Installation Guide (Marina Cable Railing System – Timber Post)

Install the stainless steel screw eyes in the wood post and attach the swage fork terminal (with clevis pin) to it.

On the other end post, drill a hole with a diameter of 11/32" or 9 mm and insert the stainless steel threaded eyebolt. On the opposite side of the same post, drill a second hole 7/16" – 11mm wide to at least 1-1/8"-29mm deep.

Insert the cable into the the swage fork terminal (fix with the screw eye) and swage terminal 1 or 2 times.

Cut the cable by measuring the distance to the other swage fork terminal (fix with the threaded eyebolt). Insert the cable into the stud and swage terminal.

Tensioning the cable is done by screwing the threaded sleeve clockwise with an hexagonal key.