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Frameless Glass Railing System

Whether it's a deck, a balcony, a rooftop terrace, a pool or an indoor railing, there are many good reasons to install a frameless glass railing. In addition to giving prestige and value to your property, the glass railing allows you to enjoy beautiful views.

Nothing is more frustrating to have an extraordinary view from your balcony, but that it is obstructed by posts or a handrail. The frameless glass railing allows a clear view that are not cut off by any visible support structures. Glass railing are durable and can last almost for a lifetime.


A frameless glass railing offers many features such as:

Unobstructed View

Modern design

Safe and durable

Quick and easy installation

Wind protection

Add prestige and value to your property


Choosing the right glass supports

Installing a frameless glass railing is relatively simple. All you need is tempered glass, ideally between 10mm and 12mm thickness and strong glass supports. You should always use tempered glass which is incredibly strong and reliable. You should also select high quality spigots that are corrosion resistant (SS316, Duplex2205) and can be easily installed. Normally, spigots come with a plate with 4 holes for fixing onto the deck. It is also possible to install them on a concrete surface around a swimming pool.



Quality glass supports also offer adjustment screws for cases where your surface is not completely straight or leveled. This facilitates the installation of glass panels in order to put them perfectly level. The main advantage of these glass support is that the glass panels easily slid into the spigots. No holes to be drilled in the glass. A lateral adjustment screw allows the glass to be tightened. This makes installation quick and easy.

 Although the hardware for glass railings is often stainless steel made, it is also possible to paint them in the color of your choice. Black spigots are very trendy actually.


Maintenance of a glass railing

 The claims in favor of glass railing are that it requires little maintenance. This is partly true. Occasionally, your glass panels will need to be cleaned, especially in dusty or windy areas. Make no mistake: glass railing is more expensive than any other type of railing. If you wish to enjoy a clear view at a more reasonable price, you can opt for a stainless steel cable railing system, which is really maintenance free!