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Decorating and staging trend : Cable railing for indoor stairs

Among the various trends in interior design, the integration of aluminum posts and handrails, architectural hardware and stainless steel wire rope steel are strongly in vogue. More and more designers and architects are integrating these elements for a clean style and the airy side. This trend is now evident for stairs; beyond its functional character, it is now possible to give a modern style and a decorative aspect to your staircase.

 Yes, it is possible to be creative in the arrangement of an interior or exterior staircase. It is especially possible to create yourself (DIY) a railing with stainless steel cable for a staircase at a very reasonable cost.

 Whether it is a staircase designed with a wood structure or a metal structure, it remains very simple and quick to integrate tensioners, wire rope and other fittings and fasteners. The most important part of a cable stair project is figuring out how many cables runs to install and how to drill the holes in your post.


Usually, a 36 inch high railing, including the handrail, should incorporate 7 or 8 runs of stainless cable. It is important before drilling holes in your posts to do some testing (e.g. with rope) to make sure everything is functional. If the post at the top of your staircase is set back a bit on the first step, you may not be able to position your first line 4 inches from the ground. Otherwise, a technical drawing software is the best and most efficient way to design your cable railing project for stairs.

 Once your measurements are done ang holes are drilled, it’s time to choose the architectural hardware that best suits your project. It is important to choose hardware that allows you to pivot and follow the angle of the stairs. This avoids making angled holes in the posts and allows for perfectly parallel lines. Among all the hardware available on the GauthierDeLaPlante transactional website, you can choose the parts that suit the most to you or select a tensioners kit.

For instance, amongst the kits we propose, the 4 kits at the bottom are suitable for stairs cable railing.



Whether it is a staircase, a railing or a balustrade, you must choose the hardware according to the look you prefer and the installation method (swageless or swaged with a hand swaging tool) :

Finally, the easiest part of your project can begin. Installing the hardware and tensioning the stainless steel cable runs is pretty quick and easy. For only one side of the stairs, the installation takes less than 30 minutes!!