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Cable railing design and ideas

The construction of a railing can take many forms depending on the style of the house or cabin and the desired design.Cable railing is a durable solution because it is made from high-strength, low-maintenance stainless steel that can withstand wear and tear as well as harsh weather. Cable railing with aluminum posts also has an incredible corrosion resistance and can last for decades with proper tension and mounting. 

Cable railing can be used for various design and ideas, such as for decks, porches, stairs, lofts, etc. Cable railing can create a nearly unobstructed view as the cable is much thinner than traditional spindles or pickets. Cable railing can also match different styles, such as coastal, rustic, modern, or industrial.

Here are somes cable railing design and ideas from our highly satisfied customers.


Eastern Township Boathouse


Eastern Township Cabin


Magdalena's islands - Ocean view


Gaspesie - St-Lawrence view


Cable railing Florida, USA


Cable railing at Lake Champlain, NY, USA 


Pohénégamook Lake


Mont-Tremblant cabin


Montreal dwelling


Orleans Island, St-Lawrence view


L'Ange Gardien, Western Quebec


St-Lawrence view


Cable railing at the cabin


Quebec city cabin


Ricardo's Boutique, Quebec city


Ontario-Quebec border


House up in the mountain


Northern Canada typical cabin


Private lake, Quebec city


Charlevoix, St-Lawrence view


Ontario Lake